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Rules and Regulations
All students are bound to strictly adhere to the total discipline and Rules & Regulation. Before joining the Institute, each student will have to give the Undertaking to the institute on prescribed form.
  • Student should be regular in attending their all classes, 80% attendance is mandatory in all subject failing with students maynot allowed to write University exam
  • Students have to be participating in all activities and events of the institute curriculum organized time to time.
  • Habitual absence, late comer, and indecent behaviour in any manner in the institute lead to expulsion/ suspension. Student must maintain total decorum of the institute. In the running class mobile phones are totally banned,
  • Unnecessary roaming in the corridor disallowed. Violation of such things, acts and deeds adversely affected the student's career.
  • Students will be sole responsible for their own precious belonging. However, institute's security will help.
  • Smoking, drinking and objectionable eating items and ragging including unpleasant within theinstitute premises are strictly prohibited. If found to do so, institute has reserved right to cancel the admission and no refund fee etc.
  • Outsiders are totally disallowed within the premises however, it may be allowed subject to prior permission of the institute.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances and students have to aythedues balances, remaining part of the fee before starting of the session. Incase of delay, if admission will be regretted student will be sole responsible for that.
  • Students are advised to attend the classes in proper pre described uniform along with identity card and class ware tools (laptops).
  • Subject wise assignments, presentation, projects shall be submitted in time without any excuses.
  • Students are advised to inform the institute about changes in their Address/ Phone number of any details.
  • Students are advised to collect the all information from display board or from the counter every day before leaving the college.
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