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Center for Excellence in Human Resource Management
 The focus of managing human resources has shifted to a strategic orientation, with an emphasis on survival and growth of the business. The new Human Resource Professional is a consultant for the utilization, engagement and strategic positioning of human talent, to meet the business needs of the present as well as the future. An innovative curriculum has been designed to reflect this contemporary trend in Human Resource Management. By combining academic rigour with practical relevance, the programme enables students to integrate core business competencies with interpersonal skills crucial to managing people.
  • To be able to better manage people with the appropriate knowledge and skills required to be an HR professional.
  • To be able to appreciate and understand the importance of HRM being integrated into the strategic planning of the organization.
  • Understand the dynamics of group behaviour and to achieve better interpersonal relationships with in the organization.
  • Understand the concept and importance of staffing in an organization.
  • Develop decision-making ability based on sound facts and analysis of various business situations.
  • Learning the skills of effective negotiation and intricacies including legal aspects of collective bargaining and settlements.
  • Thorough understanding of different labour laws in India
  • Understand the elements of structuring and design problems.
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